Советская подводная лодка пр. 641 борт "746" в районе Норвегии. Снимки с борта противолодочного самолёта
ВМС США P-2V "Neptune" эскадрильи VP-56, приблизительно 1962 год.

Оригинальная подпись (общая к серии снимков):

"Circa 1962 "Russian Foxtrot Sub 746 off Norway 1962, Russian Foxtrot Sub 683 off Norway 1962, Russian Foxtrot Sub
654 off Norway 1962 and Russian Foxtrot Sub 654 off Norway 1962.

I served with VP-56 from April 1962 - February 1966 at NAS Norfolk. I was a Crew Member on LQ-10, LQ3 and LQ-5..."


"...The pictures of the Foxtrots were taken with a standard 50mm lens. I recall the PPC at one point saying we were
down to 25 feet. I believe the pilot was LCDR (Big Daddy Cheese) Hart on Crew 3. LCDR Hart was the pilot on my
first flight on a P2V. LCDR Hart was an outstanding pilot and a real gentlemen. I believe he had ten or more children.
After our return from Iceland in 1962, LCDR Hart transferred to the Wing. Shortly after he was killed in the crash of a
P3 during an ORI. LCDR Hart was the Wing Observer..."

Contributed by ZAJACK, Richard (Zig (Dick) dickzz@snet.net [16MAR2005].

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